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The Power of Ritual: Making Challah


I make challah every week. Unless I am traveling, I make challah every Friday. In the last year, with three teenagers and often their …

The Difference Between Being Selfish & Practicing Self-Care


Just before an airplane takes off, after the flight attendant closes the main cabin door and everyone has fastened their seatbelts, passengers tune in …

A conversation with She Built It


I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Melanie Barr, founder of SheBuiltIt (http://www.shebuiltit.com), a community celebrating entrepreneurs and those who take career …

A conversation with The Vibrant Kitchen’s Michelle Gerrard-Marriott


The following is an excerpt from a conversation that I was fortunate enough to have with the lovely and talented Michelle Gerrard-Marriott, an incredible …

Let a little sticker be a reminder to breathe!


  We all need friendly reminders sometimes. I want to share a great reminder that I learned: a reminder to take a deep breath …


              Welcome to House Calls for Wellness, a site where we will explore creating well homes for ourselves …